Screen Capture, Image Sharing

Capture Capture

Why learn a complex program for a simple task? Solid Capture lets you capture screen images in seconds with minimal effort. You can easily copy a window, area, or scrolling web page and send it to the clipboard, a file, or your graphics application. Solid Capture is perfect for technical writers, Web designers, or any professional who needs to capture screens and graphics to integrate into documentation, presentations, or training tools. Learn More...

Full Screen
Full Screen. Capture your entire computer screen. If you use multiple monitors, you can choose which screen you want to capture or capture them ALL.
Window Capture
Window Capture.
  • A whole window - either just the visible window or an entire scrolling window
  • A portion of a window such as a menu or toolbar
  • Multiple windows
  • Drop-down menus
Color Capture
Color Capture. Turn your mouse pointer into a magnifier that allows you to zoom into anything on your screen right down to a single pixel. Then capture the color of that pixel and save it to your palette to use in your own creations.
Rectangle Capture
Rectangle Capture.
  • Rectangle - Draw a rectangle around any portion of your screen and capture everything inside.
  • Rectangle with Frame - Use a resizable frame to measure and capture anything within. Drag its corners and sides to change its dimensions or simply enter the dimensions into the fields and watch the frame adjust to pixel accuracy.

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